My Amnanda Journey






A great deal of my work these days is as an Amnanda Therapist.

I have information about the origins of Amnanda and what the treatment programme consists of on my Amnanda Page.

But I wanted to share with you my personal experience of Amnanda.

I had been offered Amnanda a few times before I took the plunge.  At the time, I was pursuing a singing career that was going nowhere. As a person, looking back now I can see that I was perhaps quite stubborn and cynical about life and people. I was opinionated, quick to judge and came across as a bit stroppy. I thought I was happy and sorted so I didn’t need to change anything.

I now realise that what was really going on was my lack of self-awareness and I was allowing Fear to control my life:

Fear of being wrong, Fear of failure, Fear of being abandoned, Fear of the unknown.

Fear does funny things to you; it restricts you, it stops you growing, it narrows rather than widens your life view and keeps you in your comfort zone (even if that comfort zone isn’t necessarily good for you).


I was curious though. One thing about me is, I love to know about things, I will try anything once. In fact, I would say I was a bit of a fad diet and therapy junkie. I have read nearly every diet, self-help or therapy book on the market looking for answers.

Well, eventually I said ok why not? Let’s add Amnanda to the list.  

So back in July 2014 I started Amnanda.  I can honestly say despite the rollercoaster journey it took me on, looking back it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I kept a diary during the Amnanda process so here is a summary of what happened to me.  It is my personal experience and everybody’s journey will be different based on who they are, their genetics, their life experiences to date and to an extent their openness to the whole process


The Monthy Treatments

I have always loved to have a massage so that part of the therapy was wonderful. The Amnanda massage is not like any other type of massage. The touch is different. Right from the very first month there is a strong nurturing feeling as soon as the therapist’s hands touch you. The treatment is incredibly relaxing and loving.  After my first treatment, I came over quite emotional. It felt as though my mum was hugging me and telling me everything would be alright.

This feeling of safety and nurturing happened each time I had the treatment but at the end my reactions would vary. Sometimes I was full of energy and wanted to jump off the table and take on the world, sometimes I would just lie there and enjoy the deep feeling of contentment.

One part of Amnanda that I did find very beneficial was the “chat” I had at the beginning of each session with my therapist.  We would review how the previous weeks had been. Sometimes I didn’t want to talk at all, but when I did, my therapist was always there to guide me and help me find the best way to self-heal and work through my problems my way.

I enjoyed taking the 2 teas during the 12 months. One is a Green Tea which works on the immune system and the other is Woman Vital which helps support the hormonal system, and the skin tincture which is taken for 2 of the 12 months definitely helped my skin and I’m sure made me look younger.


The Physical  

From the onset, I started getting little physical niggles that I hadn’t had for a long time, like a sore back and ankle. I have had quite a few falls in the past and hurt my back and ankle several times. Amnanda seemed to release these traumas and I started having familiar pains. That’s what Amnanda does, it releases physical issues you may have had in the past and that haven’t been processed properly. The release is not in a big way, just enough for you to handle at the time. The interesting thing is that the physical issue can come and go very quickly, sometimes even within 24 hrs.

During Amnanda I had a few sinus and throat problems, anything to do with my singing. My whole childhood was plagued with bronchitis and sinus so that wasn’t a surprise.


The Emotional

Before Amnanda I used to have a standard phrase that “I didn’t like people”. Everybody knew that about me. It was my way of not having to deal with anything or anybody and allowed me to keep my distance, especially from those around me who I felt took my energy without giving me anything back. The “emotional vampires” I call them.

However, very early on in the treatment process I found myself releasing this defence mechanism, becoming more tolerant of others, becoming less quick to judge them and more relaxed generally.  This was because I was losing my Fear based behaviours.

Another thing I noticed, was I started to feel as though I didn’t have to control everything and everybody around me. This was a safety barrier I had put up to keep me where I felt comfortable.  I didn’t TRUST. All that did was exhaust me. Slowly, Amnanda allowed me to have the confidence to change this behaviour, to let go, and not only to trust people but also to trust life itself.

There were also times where I just felt odd.  A bit teary, under energised, depressed, uncertain. In the past I would have been analysing like mad to work out the reasons for all of this and try to find cures. That was something I learnt about myself, while doing Amnanda, by analysing and trying to cure, I wasn’t letting myself feel. I let these odd feelings go and just put it down to Amnanda.


I began to release

 At the beginning of the emotional release, I started to feel a flow. Things seemed to be much easier. I didn’t feel that I was always “pushing sh***t uphill” as I used to say. I started to take constructive criticism on board. That was huge for me!!

Before, if anybody tried to help me by making suggestions I would get very defensive and shut down. Remember, I always knew best (I must have been a terrible singing student), I now wanted to learn and improve.

The Fear was going.

I’m not going to say it was all roses during my Amnanda journey. There were times where I dealt with a lot of anger, sadness and anxiety.  I went through a very rough patch but I always felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel drawing me forward.  In fact, I said that a lot in my diary at the time. I always felt as if I would be OK.


It changed my life

 After treatment 7 I decided to train as an Amnanda therapist.

Amnanda was making me feel soo good.  Then came the realisation that singing (and I quote from my diary) “has never made me feel like that!”

That was it. I made up my mind to go with the flow and give up singing!

And then I got sick. I got a terrible throat and chest and felt awful. My poor old sub-conscious was fighting me. But I couldn’t help feeling excited about the future. Scared but excited. How the hell was I going to do this? I’ve always been a singer. I’ve never done anything but be a singer. Ok, I had to work other jobs while I was studying, but my whole life was focused on singing. There were doubts, and times I felt like I was a failure by giving up.  But through all this, again, I have to say, I always had a deep deep feeling that everything would be OK.


And now:

I don’t get backache anymore.

I don’t wear glasses. I used to before Amnanda.

I am hardly ever sick with a throat or sinus infection and if I do get one it goes very quickly.

My skin feels great. I “look alive and vibrant” as one of my clients said.

It’s all good.


What have I learnt?

Here I am today. I love what I do. I find people very interesting. I love learning. I try to always have a positive outlook on things, I don’t judge, and I have purpose (“thank god” I can hear my husband say)

As a therapist. I have seen so many transformations happen with my Amnanda clients.  I have done over 200 treatments so far and travel to London once a month to visit clients there in their homes.

Amnanda is such a bespoke therapy. Everybody has a different journey, and experience changes that are relevant to them only.

I will probably refer to it a lot in my blogs because of the changes that I experienced.

Amnanda restored my true belief in myself. All the crap that had been clouding this disappeared to let my potential shine through. The fear has gone.

That is Amnanda.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic therapy,
    just what a friend of mine could do with at this moment in time
    She is going through a very very rough patch. and is beside herself with anxiety, not good !
    I will forward on the details and hopefully she will contact you before too long


  2. Nice description, Sue! I also had that feeling that giving up my previous life to do something I wanted to do would be OK. Didn’t come till after the treatment finished, but since then, it hasn’t gone away. There were other effects as well, energetically speaking. Amnanda is a profound experience …


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