Day 6 of Autumn cleanse


Hello and welcome to Day 6 of my Autumn Cleanse.


Last night I was feeling great and slept really well.

This morning I stepped on the scales and was happy with the results – 5lbs loss.

I was thinking last night that today would be my final day of the juice cleanse.

I came up with this conclusion not because I caved in and failed but because I was very happy with my achievements which were to feel lighter and brighter and I felt like eating again.

In the past I would have never have stopped. I would be clinging on with my fingernails even if I felt miserable. “I can’t show that I’m a failure” That was my belief system.

Well that was then and this is now. Now I am much more flexible and relaxed about life in general. Yes, I had fun juicing and smoothie-ing and souping and I had a good old clear out. But I was ready to finish. That’s not to say I won’t be having the odd juice and smoothie here and there, I enjoy them very much. But I don’t like dogma, I like my freedom of choice




I was doing a course today so I took my massive flask of juice which I did drink a lot of.




But then our lovely hostess put on a fantastic spread for lunch and I thought OK now is the time.


I have had a juice for dinner though


Overall, I have enjoyed my last few days and have felt very good.

Like I said before I am not new to detoxes and cleanses and enjoy trying out new things.

I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on my journey and maybe tried some of the juice recipes or soups.


Until my next blog

See you soon.

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