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This is the first part of my blog introducing Amnanda Moksha therapy.


To all you wonderful women out there:

I want to ask you some direct questions:

How do you feel about your life; is it going in the wrong direction for you and you are unable to change its course?

Do you feel that despite your best intentions you always seem to make the wrong choices?

Do you have phobias?

Do you feel trapped?

Do you feel tired all the time and don’t have any motivation?

Do you feel not right, but don’t know what to do about it?

Are you on medication that stops you being you?

Do you suck at relationships?

Do you want to feel energised and liberated?

Do you want to change?

If you identify with any of these points and you want to change, then we need to talk about how to help you change and most importantly, how to remove the obstacles or blockages that stop you changing.

We need to talk about Amnanda Moksha Therapy.




So what is Amnanda Moksha Therapy?


The name comes from two Sanskrit words:

Amnanda means “Path to light/joy”. 

Moksha means “Liberation”, or to be free.

The therapy was last practised in India about 100 years ago and now it has been adapted and modernised and is being practised in Europe.  It is a combination of counselling and a therapeutic massage-based treatment where you and I work together to remove the blocks in your life.

When we talk about blocks, we are talking about the things that stop you doing what you want to do.  These fears are normally deep-rooted sub conscious thought patterns. For example, it could be a fear of speaking in public or a fear of flying.

The block creates a physical hormonal response in our body. I’m sure everyone has experienced the sweaty palms and adrenalin rush of a really stressful situation. But blocks, and the real-life physical response that follows, can occur in our imagination.

For example, when you dream there is a tiger hiding under the bed, your brain doesn’t distinguish between fact or fiction, it sends the fight or flight hormones rushing through your body regardless. Nightmares only exist in the mind, but we wake up sweating, scared and with a rapid heartbeat: this is our body’s hormonal response.

And everyone is unique, we could all go through the same experience, but each of us will have our own response system to the events, either real or imagined.

Additionally, a lot of us feel the pressure of our families or peers to behave or act in a certain way.  Even if that doesn’t feel right, we find ourselves conforming to Society, suppressing the real self, and stifling our potential because every time we put our head above the parapet those stress hormones kick in and drag us back.



A little bit of stress now and then isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s perfectly natural and a spurt of adrenaline in a dangerous situation could save your life.  However, when the release of stress hormones becomes the normal way of living or even when you choose to avoid situations because of your physical reaction to stress then this is not healthy or happy behaviour.  

Living with a long-term imbalance of stress producing hormones can lead to physical symptoms such as digestive issues, migraines, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and joint or muscle pain which then might lead to much more complex and serious conditions all because our bodies are out of balance through being stressed.

What the Amnanda Moksha programme does is to help you rebalance this hormonal system and change your interpretation of your life experiences. We work together to strengthen your conscious mind so that you have the freedom to make decisions towards your contentment and happiness in a stress-free way. Your decisions will come from you, not your subconscious identity or from society. We work to help you rebalance your metabolism so that stress releasing hormones are reduced and are replaced by happy healthy hormones that we all have the ability to produce.




How does Amnanda Moksha effect our metabolism and hormonal response?


Whenever you touch someone, or they touch you, there is going to be a metabolic response and hormones are released.  Happy hormones or not so happy ones will be released depending on the situation. This also applies to every word we say to each other. Our bodies are constantly responding on a metabolic level.

For example, just think about the last argument you had with someone, how did that make you feel physically.  Maybe that physical feeling has happened before, and you don’t like it, so you suppress your feelings and avoid conflict to avoid the physical feelings that follow. Guilt for example, produces stress hormones and affects us physically; and our world is full of guilt.

In Amnanda Moksha Therapy we use a special touch treatment given with unconditional love.  By activating the happy hormones like oxytocin (the bonding hormone which makes us feel comforted during the treatment), in connection with your neuronal system (brain) we work on rebalancing and reprogramming your hormonal response so that old blockages are replaced with new feelings and reactions. 

Over the treatment period of 6 months (1 session per month) and then beyond into the future, your thought patterns will start to change and rebalancing will begin. What was stressful can now be handled differently.

Just as important as the loving touch therapy is the work we will do together in the consultation part of the treatment. We will identify the blockages and their causes that are stopping you moving forward: the stress inducers, the things getting in the way of your healthy happy life. Together we will find the solutions and empower and guide you to have the energy, strength and knowledge to fix yourself.


Thank you for your time reading this.


Introducing Amnanda Moksha Part 2

Look out for my second blog on Amnanda Moksha coming soon in which I will talk about how this wonderful treatment can help women with problems related to sexuality, fertility and the reproductive system.


More information about Amnanda Moksha:


  • Amnanda Moksha consists of 6 treatment sessions usually taken monthly over a 6-month period. Each session last around 90-120 minutes and costs £65
  • I only treat female clients.
  • Sessions are held in the peace, calm and safety of my treatment room in my home in Louth.
  • In special circumstances I can treat you in your own home although an additional charge will apply for my travel, contact me for more details.
  • My website is where you can find more details of the treatments I offer.
  • If you have any questions please contact me, Susan, on 07503 180502 or you can email me at or message me via the Eastgate Therapies Facebook page



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