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Amnanda Moksha Part 2

In my last blog I gave you an overview of what Amnanda Moksha is generally, I would now like to explore it further in relation to female sexuality.

Sexual energy infuses life and influences everything we do. It is one of the main creative life forces that drives our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and as a consequence our health and well-being.

Unfortunately, when our sexual energy is blocked or not flowing well, it affects our entire system both physically and mentally.  

Amnanda Moksha helps you to clear the blocks and generate this sexual energy.


I will give you an overview of how Amnanda Moksha has helped me in terms of my Sexuality and Sexual Energy?

The main thing that I have achieved is a sense of freedom. Both in my mind and my body.(One of my clients has referred to the feeling as a lift, a lightness).

As a result of clearing blocks through Moksha, my general energy has changed.

I feel lighter in myself. I used to have what I would call heavy days, blocked days. My head was foggy, my limbs felt heavy. I had no motivation. It wasn’t an illness, it was a state of mind and body. Reading back in my diary, I used to complain about people and life in general. These were my beliefs. I would also criticise myself a lot.  No wonder I felt heavy. This affected my physical body as well. I used to have achy muscles, painful periods, digestive problems, hormonal headaches, throat problems and the list goes on.

All of this has changed.

Of course, I get the odd achy muscle, a headache here and there but overall things are different. My attitude is different. My mind is lighter and clearer and therefore I have a different type of energy and outlook. Maybe some of you will understand where I am coming from. I had no idea what this was until doing first the 12 month Amnanda Process and then later the 6 month Amnanda Moksha.


One particular block I had was to do with Body issues. I have had body issues for a very long time. I was always reminded that I was a chunky kid, so I have spent a lot of my life on one diet/detox or another in the hope that something would change. My self-talk / self-image about my body was always negative. That then becomes a habit and consequently part of my identity (who I think I am).  I would never wear a bikini and always made sure I was covering what I didn’t like seeing. Since doing Moksha, this has become less prevalent. I actually enjoy eating what I want, and don’t punish myself if I stray anymore by doing some strange diet. I used to use the excuse and say it was because I was curious about the diet/detox and this would be the one to change me. Honestly, I always felt deprived, but continued to punish myself.

This block is clearing all the time. Now I have the confidence and knowledge to know what is good for me and what isn’t. I have the freedom to choose what I do. I’m not on that hamster wheel of the same behaviour and not getting anywhere and feeling out of control.  I don’t care what size clothes I am. I feel freer yet feel more in control as a result.


Do I feel sexy and sexual?

That’s a good question. I have found that because I accept compliments more, then yes that has increased my self-confidence and ultimately my sexuality. In the past, every time someone would compliment me on something I wouldn’t accept it. Say someone said “you look nice today” I would answer “No I don’t”. Sound Familiar??????

This can be changed

I work on the basis that we have 3 main driving engines in our life.

  1. The importance of Acknowledgement.

I believe we interpret this as love. The opposite is criticism.

In childhood we look for acknowledgment from our parents. As teenagers we look for acknowledgment from our friends. As adults we look for acknowledgment from our partners, children, society and so on.

If we get and more importantly accept Acknowledgement then that results in

  1. Your self-esteem, charisma, acceptance of self, love

Which then leads to

  1. Strength, Potency, Motivation, Purpose.

These 3 drivers run our lives.

How many of you can say these are working well???  Are there any blocks there?


Blocks in our sexual energy affect the balance of our metabolic system, and importantly our hormones. 

A lot of people think that our “female” hormones are active only at certain times in our life such as just before your period, puberty, pregnancy and menopause. The truth is, hormones influence the health of our bodies and minds every single day. They work like your internal internet system carrying messages from the glands where they are produced to cells in different parts of the body. These chemical messages help to “turn on” or “turn off” functions that control appetite, heart rate, stress, blood sugar, sleep cycles, sex drive etc.

I am not going to go into the biological workings of our monthly cycles. However, we all recognise the roller coaster ride of our hormonal cycles. Dramatic fluctuations of oestrogen and progesterone can cause, all sorts of challenges.

A lot of women experience imbalances of some sort. Due to many reasons. So what do we do then?

The current medical advice is to suppress and take over a woman’s natural cycle at the first sign of an imbalance, using powerful synthetic hormones, rather than educating women on the importance of diet, exercise and other therapies such as Amnanda Moksha which can then allow them to take advantage of the different strengths that they have in their control as their natural cycle progresses through life.


Amnanda Moksha activates your belief in yourself, your acknowledgement through happy hormones, positive hormones.

After all the best acknowledgement comes from you, doesn’t it?

I have seen amazing transformations from clients that have done the Moksha programme.

But the main thing that is most dominant is Freedom. Freedom to change, to explore your potential, to accept and love yourself.

Sounds good doesn’t it?








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