Amnanda Moksha

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The name Moksha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning Liberation or Freedom.

Like the Amnanda Process, Amnanda Moksha is an ancient Ayurveda based therapy. It’s aim is increased physical and emotional health and the liberation from emotional blocks and negative thought patterns.

It explores your metabolic and hormonal balance and works to free you from the restrictions (blocks) your life experiences have placed upon you. In Amnanda Moksha we work together to find the authentic real you.

Amnanda Moksha is a consultation and touch therapy and because of the nature of the treatment, I only offer Moksha to female clients.

It is an ideal treatment for women with fertility issues, post natal issues and those approaching or dealing with menopause. Additionally, women who feel frustrated and held back, worry what others think about them or have a sense of not being good enough can all benefit from the Amnanda Moksha programme. I am a very strong believer in female empowerment.

The Treatment Programme:

Anmanda Moksha involves 6 monthly sessions. Each therapy session starts with a consultation to discuss your goals and progress and is followed by a special oil touch therapy to encourage the rebalancing process. Moksha is a very unique treatment.


Cost per monthly treatment:        £65 (allow 90 minutes)