0A2AD0B6-3B0E-4C9E-91DB-8F995D159A85You and your body are a remarkable creation that needs to be cherished.

However, situations can arise when the normal balance and function of the mind and/or body changes, leading to imbalance and health problems. Alternatively, genetic or environmental factors can also effect one’s natural rhythm and lead to illness or other issues.

We are all energetic beings and the body is always looking to balance itself.  I work through touch to read the energy and imbalances that your body presents to me; as well as talking to you to get an idea of who you are, your experiences, medical history, diet, lifestyle and behaviour patterns.

With your permission I am able to access your mind-body connection. I work at a level beyond your aches and pains to enable us to fully understand the underlying issues.

From here I am able to work with you on your self healing journey and make treatment recommendations. This can include other therapies (for example Amnanda Process or Moksha), Meditation and Visualisation techniques, Energy Release Treatment and indeed working with Western medicine and your GP.

Initial Consultation Price:  £60 (allow 2 hours)