Amnanda Process


The Amnanda Treatment Programme was developed over 2000 years ago as part of the Ayurvedic tradition.  Amnanda is a Sanskrit word that means “Path to light”, “Path to Joy”.  It is a method of regeneration through a rebalancing of your body and mind.

Let the real you shine through:

Stress can have an impact on us physically and emotionally. Negative life experiences, traumas and physical injuries can accumulate in body and mind. Your issues end up in your tissues negatively impacting on your health, your ability to heal and leading to premature signs of ageing.  If you feel that every forward step you want to take is hampered by issues from your past, then Amnanda could be the right programme for you.

The Amnanda Process works over a 12 month period. Monthly consultations involve discussing and overcoming past issues whilst a supporting massage therapy works to reprogramme your body on a cellular level. This leads to body and mind balancing and rejuvenation.  As a result you will feel lighter, younger and more energised. It will bring clarity, calmness and confidence to your everyday life and relationships, and leave you feeling radiant.

Amnanda Process can really help if:

  • you have experienced physical and emotional hardships in your life.
  • you are at a cross roads in your life where you would like to feel stronger, more motivated and more confident in your decision making. For example, approaching retirement, making a career change, pregnancy, major life changes, empty nesters.
  • you want to slow down the ageing process and enjoy good health as you get older.
  • you need physical and mental fitness and clarity to achieve your goals.
  • you suffer from stress and/or anxiety
  • you feel your voice is not being heard

The programme consists of 12 treatments to be taken monthly over a 1 year period. Each treatment consists of 3 elements:

Talk: the chance to speak freely in a safe space, and to change and develop thought patterns to resolve issues.

Oil: specially formulated herbal Ayurvedic oils are applied during the treatment.

Touch: a gentle soothing massage is used to calm and nurture the body


Cost per monthly treatment: £60 (allow 90 minutes)

Extras include teas and tincture at around £5-£10 per month.